Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Services (Fees to be discussed individually)

Smile Makeover
Smile design enhances your natural smile. It requires artistic ability and extensive knowledge to ensure a natural looking, beautiful result

Tooth Whitening
Oxygenate your teeth to add that extra sparkle and brighten your smile. Different methods are available suited to individual needs . At the Hazlemere Dental Practice, we use an approved Home Whitening tray system fully explained to you from the outset and offered with full support. We have achieved very good results with this system and are always able to offer top-ups when required. The Whitening System is safe, and effective and under your control so you can comfortably whiten at home and achieve the result you desire most , without pain and sensitivity.

Wafer-thin, yet incredibly strong, restorations that can change the shape and colour of your teeth to fit in better with the rest of your natural smile.

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